Brand Ambassador

In navigation, true north is the most important direction. It is what leads you to your destination, what has led the way for sailors and travelers for generations. Our support is one of the most important parts of our journey. It is our north, the support for us to reach our goal and find our way.

The Rebelle is a platform that can help put your brand in front of the most powerful purchasing audience. We would love to represent you and become your brand ambassador and marketing partner for the ultra successful Rebelle Rally.
To our future sponsors… Help us – help you. As your brand ambassadors, we will loyally and continuously represent your product. If you are one of the companies we reached out to,  it’s because we are stoked on, and believe in what you are doing as a brand. We understand the importance of choosing the right people to represent you! Give us a chance to show you what we can do! With care and effort, we will constantly and enthusiastically represent your brand!