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Declination, an adjustment you need to make to the compass to adjust for the magnetic pull of the earth. Just like the earth’s magnetic pull the Rebelle Rally will pull you in and make you excited to be a part of it. Read on to find out how much of an influence the Rebelle has had on this world. 


Rebelle Media Reach Off The Charts!

The response in mainstream media, and especially in the off-road and overland industry was “Off-The-Charts.”  The Total Audience Reach was over 60 Million. That is so exciting to hear, not only for sponsors but for the Rebelle Rally organization and the women competitors who all put their heart and soul into the event. What a great accomplishment. Meraki!

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Here is a brief overview of the media outreach that was the result of the 2016 Rebelle Rally. We foresee this year to be even better.

Third party press coverage via digital, print and television including:





  • Road & Track
  • Jalopnik
  • Autoblog
  • Four Wheeler
  • Dirt Sports & Off-Road
  • JP Magazine
  • Car News
  • Road Show
  • Expedition Portal
  • Land Rover Magazine


Emily Miller Explains The Rally

Behind the Scenes of the Rebelle Rally

Rebelle Rally Day 1 (2016)

Total Chaos Chevy Colorado Rebelle Rally

Social Media

The Rebelle Rally social media footprint grows larger each day. Each competitor including ourselves is creating a social media following. The Rebelle Rally organization and many more companies are using Social Media to send the message and inspire thousands of women and men to get outside and enjoy the endless adventures one can have.

Preview of Rebelle Rally Social Media Reach

(Stats provided by Reblle Media Team.)

84,000 People = Talking about the Rebelle Rally on Facebook.

1,400,437 Followers= Instagram followers of Rebelle, competitors, staff & media partner actively promoting the Rebelle.

100,460 Views = Videos Produced by Rebelle Media Team

Team Meraki

Team Meraki shares their experiences and adventures through social media to reach and inspire others. We will be posting to Facebook, Instagram, and our blog leading up to and through the Rally.

We will be sharing our journey, experiences, how to’s, and photos through our channels up to, during, and after the rally.  Sponsors will have access to all our content and, we will be available to create unique stories about our experiences. See our social media links at the bottom of the page. Check out our feeds for cool, fun, and inspiring info about the rally experience.