Our Journey

No matter where or why you travel, there’s always something wonderfully new to be found. The journey to the Rebelle is a long road filled with learning, practice, encouragement, team building, and work. Emily Miller is known for saying, “If it was easy everyone would do it.” The event is not easy. It is a 7-day event that will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally. The first step in our journey is enhancing our skills. I will continue sharpening my navigation skills and Jenn will continue to expand on her advanced off-road driving skills.  We will be learning how to support each other in our roles as navigator and driver. We have found the wonderful joy of sharing our journey with others. Our goal is to inspire other women to get out there and try something that challenges them. Something that is not easy and makes you work for it. It is adventures such as the Rebelle Rally that will be an opportunity to search for those wonderfully “new found something’s.”

“This year will be a totally different journey for me,” Jenn says. Last year had its challenges mostly because there was so much unknown with it being the inaugural year. My teammate and I were introduced two months before the actuaL Rally. And, while we were both committed to being a part of the first Rebelle Rally we did not share a common goal for what we wanted to accomplish throughout the event. Of course, information that would have been great to know before getting into a vehicle for seven days, 10 to 12 hours a day, and then sharing a tent at night. The Rebelle is a very unique event that will test you on so many levels….mentally -physically -and emotionally. You will discover things you love about yourself and also it will bring to the surface some things you might want to work on😬! Teaming up with Heather has been truly a godsend. I have learned that a team that shares common goals is key to having a successful rally. Also, being able to trust that your teammate is 100% committed to their job allows you to have peace of mind and focus on what you need to do to have your best day -every day! The great thing with Heather and I is that we have both owned our roles and are constantly working to sharpen our skills. But, we both also have some experience in each other’s positions too- so we are able to ask for backup, a second set of eyes, spotting, or just the other’s opinion with confidence and respect. I am so crazy excited about getting to focus on and commit to my role as a driver this year! With my “trusty navi” by my side and Lucille (my sexy new Jeep) to get us where we need to go… the 2017 Rebelle Rally is going to be a truly awesome adventure! JZR