Our Story

by Heather Lewis

Jenn and I met on the Rebelle in 2016, the first Rebelle Rally. Jenn was competing and I was helping as a volunteer on the Rally. I noticed right away how positive Jenn was, and this made me want to get to know her. She was experiencing a difficult rally and never let that get her down. She had such a positive attitude every time I saw her. It was contagious and inspiring. After the rally, I contacted her through Instagram and kept in touch through social media outlets. I knew I wanted to compete in the Rebelle and I knew I wanted a teammate that would be not only encouraging, but positive, and fun to be with. My first thought was, “I wonder if Jen would partner with me?” I had heard that she was still looking, so I contacted her. She immediately returned my message and said that “the universe was speaking to her, as she was hoping that my message was to ask her to team up for the Rebelle.”

Jenn and I have gotten to know each other now over the past few months. We have participated in two training events and are meeting with each other regularly, building our friendship, and learning what our roles are. I have really enjoyed this time with Jenn. She is a beautiful soul who cares with all of her heart for everyone she comes into contact with. She is also a wonderful mother, wife, and friend. I can’t wait to take on the Rebelle Rally with Jenn by my side.